What To Make of Cole Caufield’s Size?

Ah the every lasting debate about the importance of size to play in the NHL. It was like that 50 years ago and it hasn’t changed much to this date. There are more smaller players than ever though but one has to wonder about the true reason behind it. Regardless, teams will do what their General Manager at the time likes. If he wants size, he will get a bigger team. If he wants speed, chances are his team will have smaller players. And fans? Well, they have their opinion and in most cases, they’re not going to change their mind either way. That being said, being small does not necessarily mean that you can’t have a successful hockey career… particularly not in today’s NHL, desperate for talent.

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Habs Playing a Dangerous Game With Mete

Every year, on every team, you’ll find players on the bubble of being in the regular line-up or a healthy scratch. When you’re in the first group, you must perform and work hard to stay in the line-up. When you’re in the second situation, you work hard in practice and hope to get your opportunity to show that you belong in the line-up. But what happens when you’re young and you’re not given that opportunity? That’s the situation Victor Mete finds himself in right now.

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