Jeff Petry: A Poor Man Alex Pietrangelo?

Ah hockey fans… they like to think that they know everything there is to know about hockey. At times, when someone doesn’t share their opinion, they will go to great lengths to try laughing and putting down those who dare thinking differently. That’s the social media age folks. So “old souls” like yours truly must live with this new unfortunate reality. No such room for respecting others’ opinions, or so it seems. We witness fewer and fewer cases of “agreeing to disagree”. Everything seems to be a battle of wit, whose father is the strongest, who has (or who is) the bigger prick.

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Slim Picking in Habs’ Higher Needs Through Free Agency

Ah free agents. Particularly unrestricted free agents (UFA). After having much of their fate dictated by the teams owning their rights, players who reach that level finally reach a point where they have more control over where they are going to play, under which coach and sometimes even with which linemates or defensive pairing. In a league where player movements between teams in mid-season is a rarity, the free agents’ period is, along with the days leading to Draft day, the busiest time. And fans certainly won’t complain.

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