A Game of Lasts: Who’s Back, Who’s Not?

Well it has boiled down to this. All the suffering of a condensed 56-game schedule. The double-suffering of a stretch of 25 games in 44 days. Traveling from coast to coast. A head coaching change. A goaltending coach’s change. Add to that a few trades, a few injuries. A disappointing showing offensively in the playoffs… and lots of disappointments everywhere to be had. This sums up the Montreal Canadiens’ 2021 campaign and unless they can win three in a row, it looks like it could all come to an end way too soon.

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Jordan Harris’ Decision Might Entice A Deadline Trade

It was a big news if you’re the Montreal Canadiens or their fans. One of their top prospects, Northeastern University standout defenseman Jordan Harris, informed the team that he was going to be playing his last year of College. He will be playing his fourth season, instead of turning professional. It is a surprise as Harris was dominant at the NCAA level this past season with a production of 19 points in 19 games. Top prospects often chose to turn pro after their third year. The risk for the Canadiens is now that Harris could chose to not sign with them and become a UFA by August 15, 2022. With such a high quality prospect, will the Habs gamble on him signing with them or will they be tempted to get something in return in a trade? That’s the million dollar question… figuratively and literally speaking.

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