Marc Bergevin: GM of The Year Candidate?

Some hate his guts, find him to be arrogant and won’t be satisfied – temporarily anyway – until he’s fired. Others see in him a quick learner, someone who has already mastered some aspects of the job of General Manager in the NHL. Either way, Marc Bergevin is a guy who had no previous experience as a GM and jumped right into the hotbed that is Montreal, learning on the fly. He has shown to be able to handle the Montreal media and unusually tough market. He is full of confidence in himself and it has often been reported that he’s one of the hardest working GMs in the league. Brian Burke qualified him as one of the best talent evaluators he’s gotten to see in his time around the league.

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Kotkaniemi: He Who Laughs Last, Laughs Best

We’ve talked about it many times,. Fans being fans, they are quick at judging the development of a young prospect and often want them in too big of roles too soon. Fortunately, they’re not the ones at the helm of NHL teams as many of the best talent is being developed over time. The Edmonton Oilers have made a living of putting great young players in too big of roles too early in their career, burning them off and wrecking their development. With the exception of a few exceptional talents, it usually takes on average three to five years to determine the quality and depth of a Draft. And in spite of some fans claiming otherwise, the 2018 Draft is no exception.

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