Official NHL Twitter Hashtags Emojis

Every year, NHL teams come out with their version of their official hashtag, to which they attach their logo. And every year, it’s a challenge to figure out if any team has changed it. Unfortunately for hockey fans, some change it regularly, some even in-season. This is extremely annoying to those who like using the official hashtag and seeing the little logos in their Tweets.

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Max Domi Stirring Things Up Off The Ice

You have players who leave their talking on the ice, as it’s the case with guys like Shea Weber and Carey Price, amongst others. But in any league, you have people who, when things aren’t going their way, prefer stirring things off the ice. Some come straight out and say what they think, others are going at it in a more subtle way. But in Montreal, is there really a subtle way to do things?

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