Teams Without a 1st Round Pick: 16th Overall Available?

It’s upon us. Finally, the NHL Draft will be taking place four months later than normal. But it’s happening! The wait for these young men will be over soon enough. No, it won’t be held at the Bell Centre as it was supposed to happen. It will rather be online, through video conferencing with special phone lines dedicated for it, and some to the 31 General Managers wanting to talk to their homologues about potential trades. So it’s not from the podium, but through a computer screen that Gary Bettman will be saying the much anticipated phrase: “We have a trade to announce…”

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Turning The Corner On Player Development

Was it drafting? Was it player development? Or perhaps a combination of both? One thing we know for sure is that the Montreal Canadiens were struggling mightily to develop quality players. It seemed like their top picks we like Cinderella’s carriage, turning into pumpkins at the midnight hour. There was little issues with the lower picks, but the first two rounds were misses more often than hits, particularly in the first round.

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