Size On The Wings

When baking a standard cake, one needs several ingredients in order to be successful: sugar, eggs, flour, milk, butter and baking powder are at the base. You need sugar for the taste. Butter and eggs mixed with flour will make a paste, while the milk will dilute the mix. And without the baking powder, the cake would be flat and dense. Once you have all ingredients, then you can add cocoa, or carrots, or coconut. This is what will determine the type of cake. But without the base ingredients, all of them, your cake simply won’t be good. If you don’t have baking powder, doubling up on the sugar won’t work. But no worries, this is not a baking article…

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With Their Cap Space, The Habs Will Be Lurking Around Several Teams

COVID-19 has affected many people, many businesses, sports teams and leagues alike. Some people have lost their jobs, others have been working under very unusual conditions. We have all been affected by this deadly disease one way or another. The NHL is no exception as for the first time in history, we are watching playoffs’ hockey in August without any fans in the stands, with teams competing for the COVID Cup, or the Summer Stanley Cup.

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