Like The Habs, The Jets Are Built For Playoffs Hockey

It wasn’t easy, but there are a few of us who knew that it could be done. We knew that the Montreal Canadiens, in spite of their lack of top-end scoring talent, had a very gritty team build for the playoffs. They were built to grind it out, with big and mean defensemen and a goaltender considered by the members of the NHLPA as the best in the league. While facing a high octane offense in the Toronto Maple Leafs, they had to beat them up physically. They did just that and came out on top, preventing the Leafs to win a first playoffs series since 2004, even after being up 3-1 in the series.

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More Than Experience, It’s The Type of Experience

What a comeback! Or what a horrible choking job! If you listen to the announcers and panelists on Sportsnet and CBC, the Leafs’ lost that series. While they aren’t completely off, they fail miserably as pointing the finger to the true reason: the Montreal Canadiens. Ted Nolan once said that sometimes, we tend to look too deep into what we did wrong instead of looking at what the opponent did right. The Habs had a strategy and they executed it. They made adjustments for game five, six and seven and it paid off. The experience paid off.

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