Icing On The Habs’ Cake: 10 Good Options

Those who have been following me for a while, under the pseudo Habsterix or this new account, will tell you that I like the cake analogy when referring to a hockey team. Having coached, I feel like the best hockey teams have all of the proper ingredients in a good balance. Trying to replace an ingredient with another because you don’t have any will ruin the success of the cake… or of the team. You can’t just say: “I don’t have enough baking powder so I’ll add sugar”. Your cake won’t rise.

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NHL Drafts Top-10: The Tale of Missed Opportunities

This is a continuation of a previous article on this blog about the Drafts redone for those years. This time around though, we will look at the teams who have clearly missed out on some great picks, selecting the wrong player(s), and how many times those teams blew up opportunities. That said, hindsight being 20-20, every single NHL team messes up at the Draft as they’re not comparing talents at the time, but rather they’re trying to determine, to the best of their abilities, the ceiling those young men will reach in their development. Lots of room for errors at the Draft… as we’ve all seen. As looking at all 30-31 teams for even just the first round would be quite the undertaking, we’ll only focus on the Top-10 once again.

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