Taylor’s Name Just Won’t Go Away But Will the Habs Go Hall-In?

Those who know me well also know how I feel about rumours and while hypothetical scenarios are fun to discuss, very few of them ever become reality. If it doesn’t come from Bob McKenzie, Pierre LeBrun, Elliotte Friedman or Darren Dreger, people should pay little to no attention to rumours as too often, they are simply made-up to get hits on websites, listenership on radio or internet, or viewership on television. Yeah, I know, once in a while, some will come through from lesser known rumouroids but if you throw enough shit on the wall, some will eventually stick. It doesn’t make them legit, it makes them lucky! The only place you need to look daily to keep well informed of NHL rumours is through Spector’s Hockey. Lyle Richardson doesn’t start rumours, he gathers all relevant information from different sources around the NHL and puts it all together, with his own thoughtful comments, for our pleasure and enjoyment.

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Fans and Media Frustration: Is It Justified?

There are many ways to qualify fans of the Montreal Canadiens. Some are great, others well… not so much. The most often used are: relentless, bipolar, knowledgeable (although most times self-proclaimed), fearsed, loud, annoying, caring, loving, loyal, true… unfortunately, two more have popped up in recent years: Subbanistas (referring to fans mad at the organisation for trading fan favourite P.K. Subban) and fanboys (often used by the last group to describe fans supporting the organisation in their actions). Last but not least is passionate and all share that qualificative.

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