Some Teams Seem To Be More Generous Than Others With Trade Clauses

Contracts. The never ending topic of discussion. We live with it in our day to day life but it is prominent in the sports’ world where professional athletes are tied to teams through contracts. Depending on the league and the sport, they differ ever so slightly but in the NHL, they are all relatively similar in nature. You have the rookie contract or Entry Level (ELC) which comes with its own cap limit, then it’s open season for players to start making their big bucks. Like anywhere else, some are more fortunate than others and while most is based on talent, other factors such as the General Manager you’re negotiating with can have an impact on the money, term and even clauses attached to that contract.

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Jeff Petry: A Poor Man Alex Pietrangelo?

Ah hockey fans… they like to think that they know everything there is to know about hockey. At times, when someone doesn’t share their opinion, they will go to great lengths to try laughing and putting down those who dare thinking differently. That’s the social media age folks. So “old souls” like yours truly must live with this new unfortunate reality. No such room for respecting others’ opinions, or so it seems. We witness fewer and fewer cases of “agreeing to disagree”. Everything seems to be a battle of wit, whose father is the strongest, who has (or who is) the bigger prick.

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