Growing Up Before Technology Took Over

I’m well into my fifties. I have the privilege of having not one, but two little souls calling me Grandpa. Seems like not so long ago, I was looking at “old folks”, listening to their stories about how things were when they were my age. I remember thinking: “Times have evolved, and we’re better off for it.” Today, I can honestly sit back and say that I was wrong thinking that. And here I am telling younger generations how this so-called evolution really isn’t for the best, overall. It’s amazing how times change our perspective on the same topics or issues.

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Bergevin: From Hero To Zero, To Hero Again

Rarely do we find such a wide gap of opinions about one man. Hero, zero, it depends on who you talk to. This particular hero is seen by some as evil, the vilain in comic books who is incapable of doing anything right. For many, this man lost all support back in June 2016, and no matter what he’s done after, he will never earn his stripes to be considered a hero. Thankfully, his Avengers-like peers know what this one is all about and see his super-powers. This is yet another proof that fans and media members don’t know quite as much as they pretend to know. Not all heroes wear capes, they say. Some wear a red suit… or so it seems.

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