Habs Didn’t Tender Taylor Hall An Offer: Here’s Why

Oh fans and media surrounding the Montreal Canadiens… described as passionate, some will go further as adding knowledgeable. Myself? I say: “self-proclaimed most knowledgeable fans and media in hockey”. For many, they might glance at what’s happening around the NHL once in a while. Most times, they are zeroed in on the Habs and Habs only. Social Media has made everyone a pro. News, ideas and narratives are being spread faster than a one-legged man in a butt-kicking competition. Unfortunately for readers (and radio listeners), there are tree stumps in BC forests with an IQ higher than some of them. Many of them are tagged on Twitter as #Subbanistas.

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Max Domi Stirring Things Up Off The Ice

You have players who leave their talking on the ice, as it’s the case with guys like Shea Weber and Carey Price, amongst others. But in any league, you have people who, when things aren’t going their way, prefer stirring things off the ice. Some come straight out and say what they think, others are going at it in a more subtle way. But in Montreal, is there really a subtle way to do things?

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