Time For Changes – No One Will Do It For You

There comes a time in your life when you realise what’s important in life and what’s not. If only we learned to listen to our elders instead of making fun of them, or seeing them as “have been”, perhaps we would learn that sooner. You see, when we reach our teens, we start thinking that we know it all. Parents don’t know shit. Teachers don’t have a clue. Police are power freaks. Only our opinion matters and only we are right. And with social media, we aren’t afraid of telling everyone and anyone who will listen. There was a time when you got some sense knocked into you but now, if a parent looks at their child the wrong way, he/she will be reported to authorities and be judged by everyone.

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Little Things Exposing Fake Hockey Fans

Have you noticed that since the arrival of Social Media, everyone is an expert on everything? What kind of question is that? Of course you have. I mean, you have seen that many instantly became experts on pandemics and knew everything about COVID-19 and that, in spite of scientists and doctors admitting themselves that they knew very little about it. Then, they knew everything on mass shootings and guns, supporting Justin Trudeau in his ban although true experts warned loud and clear that it’s a smoke screen and that abiding gun owners in Canada are the most responsible of all. Now, everyone on Social Media is an expert on Policing. They know not only what their job entails and the dangers they go though, but they also know how to react in stressful, volatile and dangerous situations and that, without a single day of training. They’re so good… Experts, experts everywhere! NOT!

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