“PK Is A Good Cartoon…” ~ Mike Ribeiro

From one controversial individual to another, Mike Ribeiro appeared on La Poche Bleue, a show hosted by former Canadiens Guillaume Latendresse and recently retired Maxim Lapierre. As he’s somewhat known for, Ribeiro didn’t shy away from controversy when talking about his former teammate P.K. Subban. He went straight to the point and was as honest in his answers as we know he can be, even if it ruffles some feathers… and it most certainly will with some members of the media and fans alike, better known as Subbanistas.

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Potential Lockout? The Impact of A Cancelled 2021 Season On The Habs

The NHL wants to return to work. The players also want to return. But the league is trying to change the new CBA which they recently have agreed to and the players, well, don’t want to. Who can blame them? They have made many concessions for this agreement to work and return to play. But with COVID returning stronger than ever, it seems like the start of the 2021 season is in jeopardy. Just recently, the pandemic was hitting the World Juniors’ teams, some NHL teams had to close their training facilities, and other sports teams were also affected. Other leagues are postponing, even cancelling their season. NHL scouts haven’t been able to do their work for months now. The NHL’s return to play is up in the air more than ever.

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