Savard, Bergevin And The Quebecois Players: Truth By Numbers

Ever since his retirement, former Habs Hall of Famer and GM Serge Savard has not shied away from letting everyone know what he thinks about whatever situation he’s being asked about his former team. For reporters, Savard is candy as he will speak his mind and, let’s face it, he carries a bit of credibility. He is, after all, the last GM to have brought Lord Stanley to the NHL’s most storied franchise, and he did it twice, in 1986 and 1993. But sometimes, it feels like “the Senator” likes to hear himself talk and what he says doesn’t always hold water. It’s particularly the case when speaking about French Canadian players on the Habs.

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Molson Canadiens: Like A Boss

The American television sitcom Married with Children was a huge hit in the 80’s and 90’s. The series’ jingle was a Frank Sinatra song called Love and Marriage and it spoke that “Love and Marriage is an institute you can’t disparage”. Here in Canada, one could easily make a point that Beer and Hockey is the institute you can’t disparage and the Montreal Canadiens are the living example of that. The Molson family, owners of Molson Brewery, has been a staple in the Habs’ organisation for many years, on and off.

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