The Schedule is The Habs’ Worst Enemy

When the NHL rushed to announce a 56-game season on time for January 2021, with the uncertainty of COVID-19 and all of its variances, we knew that it would be a tight schedule. We knew that there was a strong possibility that teams could be affected by this terrible virus which has taken so many lives worldwide. While the NHL did allow for some time to make up some games, it never anticipated the extent of the number of games needing to be rescheduled. Mostly, the league didn’t think – or ignored – the impact it would have on its biggest assets: the players.

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World Juniors Championships 2021: Habs’ Prospects and Full Tournament Schedule

🎶 It’s the most wonderful time of the year 🎶… Of course, Andy Williams was referring to Christmas when he sang this classic. But for many people in Canada, it also refers to the IIHF World Junior Championship, which runs over the Christmas and New Year holiday. Ten countries represented, divided in two groups, playing a preliminary round, then playoffs’ style format to get to the medal round. Every player is under 20 years old, many of which are already drafted in the NHL, hoping to have a good tournament and for some, dreaming of a medal.

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