Demystifying: Ducharme Is No Better Than Julien?

Habs’ fans and media are in a frenzy. Or rather, perhaps the word panic would be more appropriate. The team can’t find consistency and now, everyone should be fired and/or traded. At the very least, everyone should be sat. Top players are not NHL worthy. Coaches can’t coach. The GM, who was praised by his great work just weeks ago, should now be fired on the spot. Even the owner should fire himself! Yes folks, that’s how ridiculous it is to read couch analysts self-proclaimed as the most knowledgeable fans in the NHL. Hint: they’re not.

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Cap Relief Due To Gallagher’s Injury Could Prompt Trade For Top-4 Defenseman

When the Canadiens were forced to be off for a week due to COVID protocol, we knew that the schedule for the rest of the season would be hectic. The Habs are playing on average every second day. At the NHL level, this is a huge deal and when fatigue kicks in, mental errors occur, risking costing the team some wins. But further, physical fatigue and less time to recuperate doesn’t allow the body the rest it needs to compete as such high level. Injuries come more easily and recovering from minor ones takes longer, while the risk of getting seriously hurt is more likely. Just a few days in, the Habs are starting to feel the effects already… and there are six more weeks of it in this unusual regular season.

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