Marc Bergevin Opens Up About This and Next Season

Habs’ fans can be finicky at times… or often, depending on who you ask and who you’re talking about. Particularly when the team is struggling for consistency and the results on the ice simply aren’t there and haven’t been there for close to 30 years now. So there is ground to be frustrated and we all are. An organisation often accused of a lack of transparency, Geoff Molson and his staff have ensured to tell the media and the fans more than before. That doesn’t mean that they’ll tell us everything – it’s a company after all – but they have been more proactive with their information, the one that they could share.

You want transparency, you got transparency. That’s what found out La Presse senior reporter Mathias Brunet in an exclusive interview with Canadiens’ General manager Marc Bergevin. They touched on many different topics, some of them delicate, and he opened up on pretty much all of them. If you understand French, I encourage you to read the integral original article in La Presse but since many Habs’ fans don’t speak La Langue de Molière, I felt compelled to allow those who prefer Shakespeare to be able to appreciate it as well.

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Kotkaniemi Earning Respect

You’re going along as a young man, trying to find your niche as a 19 year old in a country miles away from your hometown on the most historic and decorated hockey team in the world. You’re working with the coaches, other players and on your own, trying to get to the next level as soon as you possibly can. The pressure of being the third overall pick at the Draft weights on you, and playing in the Mecca of Hockey, in front of fans who aren’t always the most supportive of their own players, coaches and General Managers. But then something happens. An event changes everything and you find yourself at that next level…

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