Habs’ Fans In Panic Mode About Cole Caufield

With Habs’ fans, it’s too often all or nothing. The team sucks or they will win the Stanley Cup. A player is the best or he’s hated and should be traded. A prospect is either a steal (how often have we heard that mentioned about the last couple of drafts?) or he’s a flop… at 19 years old, before playing a single game in the NHL. And in comes the great Sam Pollock with his timeless quote about the Montreal Canadiens’ fans: “[Fans] have their favourites and strong emotional attachments with them. A sports administrator who wants to be successful can never think that way.”

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The Tsar Has Arrived: Tempering Fans’ Expectation

The Montreal Canadiens surprised more than one when, with their second round selection and 38th overall pick, they called the name of Alexander Romanov back in the 2018 NHL Draft. Many raised an eyebrow, some laughed at the idea of picking him this high. That’s because most mock draft experts and wannabes had him much, much further down their list. When Trevor Timmins was asked about selecting this high up, he was surprised at the question because that’s where he was on their list. At the 2019 World Junior Championships, Romanov shut up all the doubters when he was named the tournament’s top defenseman by both the organizers and the media. After that, everyone saw what Timmins and his staff saw in him.

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