The Future of Victor Mete with the Canadiens In Jeopardy?

He went 127 games in the NHL without a goal. He scored four goals and managed 11 points in 51 games this past season. At 5-foot 9-inches and 187 lbs, he’ll never instate the fear of God into any opponent. His biggest asset is and will always be his speed. He will have to rely on good positioning and an active stick in order to check opponents, and will need the confidence to skate out of his zone in order to make a decent living in the NHL. But what does the future hold for Victor Mete in the Montreal Canadiens’ organisation?

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Expansion Draft: A Fresh Approach by The Habs

What? The Sasquatch? No, there hasn’t been an announcement. It is simply something I have invented, including the logo so no panic here, you haven’t missed anything. But regardless of what they will be called, the Seattle NHL franchise is slowly preparing to make their debuts for the 2021-2022 season and it will all start the summer before they hit the ice, with the Expansion Draft. Seeing how well it went for Vegas a couple of years ago, General Manager Ron Francis is hoping to be able to duplicate what George McPhee was able to do back then.

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