Enough is Enough – PROUD CANADIAN!

We live in a society of easily offended. It’s a population of ungratefulness with no regards for anything or anyone else but themselves. Who cares what others think or how they feel? A society of “go big or go home”, where it’s all or nothing. Too little is done rationally, as political correctness prevails against common sense. People are so used to having everything they want at the tip of their fingers that they live with a sense of entitlement. Participation trophies not to hurt feelings. Blaming police when criminals are being roughed up a bit. In fact, this text will surely offend many. No wait… that’s not fair. To borrow a phrase from Country Star Luke Bryan, “I believe most people are good.” It’s just that the Snowflakes are loud and… get away with their non-sense.

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When The Canadiens’ Playoffs’ Turn Political

They’re baaaaaacck! The Montreal Canadiens have reached the NHL playoffs’ semi-finals for the first time since 2014. Considering that they were the last team to qualify for this year’s playoffs, it’s a huge accomplishment. They not only eliminated arch rivals Toronto Maple Leafs, but they erased a 3-1 deficit in that series, and swept the Winnipeg Jets in four consecutive games! Yet, the focus for some members of the media and politically driven individuals is not on hockey. Yes, the language police decided to make a comeback during the Stanley Cup playoffs… as sad and pathetic it might be.

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