The Makings of A Great National Anthems Singer

Ah the topic of National Anthems prior to sports events. Such a detail but also such a (short) topic of conversation prior to every game. Every sports’ team has different criterias when looking for someone to sign the anthems prior to their home games… and it shows. Some can sing, others not so much. Some are nice to look at but can’t sing. Some are God awful and others, outstanding. The common denominator in all of them is that not two people will have the same assessment of most anthem singing performance. It’s a matter of taste, really.

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What would John Ferguson, Chris Nilan, Tie Domi Do?

Nothing irks me more than abuse. As in women abuse, elderly abuse, child abuse. When it comes to hockey, very little gets more on my nerves than seeing accountability and fear of retribution gone from the game that I’ve loved for 5 decades. Today’s players know that they can drive the net hard and will have to suffer little to no consequences. Chris Kreider took Carey Price out a few years ago, Derek Grant almost did the same last night… and no one on the Habs batted an eye, except Price himself.

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