Perfect Timing to Bump The Draft Age

Drafting is not a perfect science. Scouts are not only trying to rank talent at the same age, but with prospects playing in different leagues and at different stages of their development. And that’s only the easy part of their job. They then must try to determine when those young players will reach their peak in their development. It’s an almost impossible task. They’re 18 years old when drafted by NHL teams. While some will do so sooner and others later, most will usually reach their peak at around 25-26 years old. So how can we reduce the risk ever so slightly? Perhaps bumping the draft age from 18 to 19, by giving these young men one more year to develop, would give scouts a fighting chance?

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NHL Believes in Canada… When It’s Convenient

Actions often speak louder than words. One can say whatever he wants, he is (and should be) judged more by his actions. Further, while a vast majority of marriages are celebrated because two people love each other, there are some which are qualified as “marriages of convenience”. I’ll do it because I get something out of it. Well, the NHL always says supporting Canadian teams but when it came to saving Winnipeg and Quebec City, the Jets and Nordiques had to pack their bags in a hurry to set foot in the United States, in Arizona and Colorado respectively. Yet the NHL went as far as owning the same Arizona Coyotes in order to keep them there. Actions > words.

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