Tim Peel’s Firing Hypocritical By The NHL

Whether you’re a fan, a member of the media, a player, a coach, a GM or even a casual fan of the NHL, you know that the officiating is not up to par in hockey’s highest level of play in the world. Blatant and even dangerous infractions are not being called while players get a penalty for knocking the stick out of someone’s hands. Yes, some of it is rules related, like the puck over the glass or the determination of a minor or double minor based on a little bit of blood. But most of what’s frustrating everyone is the inconsistency not only from game to game, but within the same game. One was (finally) caught on tape and the NHL is pretending to flex its muscles… or throwing a smoke screen.

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2021-22 Potential Schedule Formats Options

Well, the Canadian division finally had its first cases of the NHL’s COVID-19 protocol. Jesperi Kotkaniemi and Joel Armia of the Montreal Canadiens were both placed on the league’s protocol after one can only imagine are positive tests. The two Finnish players skated with their team earlier in the morning and knowing how contagious the virus is, there’s a strong possibility that they could have spread it to other members of the team and that’s why the NHL and the Canadiens aren’t taking any chances by cancelling games. In the meantime, live goes on around the league and so do we.

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