Bergevin and Murray Setting The Tone

You know what they say… only fools don’t change their mind. And there’s no bigger fool than yours truly. Yes, I’m still planning on “retiring” from hockey coverage after the season but I find that I still have a lot to say, to share. So I will finish the season as I originally planned. I still won’t watch the game because I get too frustrated by Gary Bettman and his acolytes’ poor decisions. But I will write a few more about my beloved Habs, starting with this one on Marc Bergevin and where he ranks amongst his peers General Managers since hired in the summer of 2012.

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Bergevin: From Hero To Zero, To Hero Again

Rarely do we find such a wide gap of opinions about one man. Hero, zero, it depends on who you talk to. This particular hero is seen by some as evil, the vilain in comic books who is incapable of doing anything right. For many, this man lost all support back in June 2016, and no matter what he’s done after, he will never earn his stripes to be considered a hero. Thankfully, his Avengers-like peers know what this one is all about and see his super-powers. This is yet another proof that fans and media members don’t know quite as much as they pretend to know. Not all heroes wear capes, they say. Some wear a red suit… or so it seems.

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