Against All Odds, Habs To The Finals

Call it Cinderella story, call it luck. Call it hard work, call it destiny. They didn’t believe in them. It’s been said that they wouldn’t win a single game against the Toronto Maple Leafs in the first round. They then claimed that the Jets were too strong. Few gave them any chances against the powerful Vegas Golden Knights, who eliminated another powerhouse in the Colorado Avalanche. Yet here we are. Against all odds, the Montreal Canadiens are four wins away to winning their 25th Stanley Cup. They are the first team to qualify for the finals.

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Shooting Da Breeze – Vegas Edition

Shooting Da Breeze is a collection of random thoughts on a variety of topics, more often than not about the Montreal Canadiens and the NHL, but not always. In this edition, we will touch on NHL Playoffs’ related topics such as the Habs’ Cinderella run, a break down of the first two games in Vegas, Max Pacioretty, Marc-Andre Fleury, Tyler Toffoli, Cole Caufield, Shea Weber, Carey Price, and more… Please feel free to share and as usual, comments are always welcome.

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