Quebec-born Players: Bipolarity or Hypocrisy? Pick Your Poison

The topic of language and the Montreal Canadiens is one that will never go away. Come to think of it, the franchise was created to have Frenchmen rival with the then mostly English Montreal Maroons, way back in 1909. For the longest time, the Canadiens had first dib at Quebec-born players, making easier drafting local talent. Further, then GM Sam Pollock was a master at being creative in getting local talent like Guy Lafleur. Ownership even went as far as buying a league to ensure getting the sole rights of Jean Béliveau. It’s not so easy today, with soon-to-be 32 teams and no such first dib. But fans and media? They don’t understand that. Further, they too often treat their local talent like garbage.

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Kotkaniemi’s Projection Has The Fan Base Divided

Trying to predict the future has always been a task impossible to do. Yet, there will always be people who will pretend to “know” it. Whether it’d be about the stock market, the weather or sports in general, you will always find those who will be self-appointed “experts” in the matter. While some of people’s predictions are based on tendencies, the reality is that no one can truly predict the future. And that, no matter their claim to fame. Truth being that there are too many factors potentially coming to change the data on hand at any given time.

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