Off-Season Of Changes And Drama

The NHL off-season is always filled with surprises. That’s why fans are often looking forward to it as much as the start of the regular season. Their favourite team is letting players go, negotiate contract extensions, trade players, sign free agents. That’s when new coaches or General Managers are often fired and hire. So even if your team hasn’t had a good season, this is when many fans regain hope for a better “next year”, a better future.

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NHL Draft 2021: Witch Hunt In Full Strides In Montreal

It has been a couple of very odd seasons. COVID-19 has changed everything the past two seasons not only in the NHL, but everywhere in the world, including the hockey world. And this year’s NHL Draft is no different. Held later than usual, it’s a draft for which scouts have had very few chances to see hockey’s top prospects. There will be upsets, more misses but also more surprises at later picks. But no team surprised more on day one of this year’s draft than the Montreal Canadiens when, with the 30th pick overall (31st but Arizona had to forfeit their 11th pick), they selected a very controversial young man…

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