More Than Experience, It’s The Type of Experience

What a comeback! Or what a horrible choking job! If you listen to the announcers and panelists on Sportsnet and CBC, the Leafs’ lost that series. While they aren’t completely off, they fail miserably as pointing the finger to the true reason: the Montreal Canadiens. Ted Nolan once said that sometimes, we tend to look too deep into what we did wrong instead of looking at what the opponent did right. The Habs had a strategy and they executed it. They made adjustments for game five, six and seven and it paid off. The experience paid off.

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Leafs vs Habs Memes

The NHL playoffs are about to start (for Canadian teams anyway) and for the first time since 1979, the Montreal Canadiens will be facing the Toronto Maple Leafs. In Canada, it doesn’t get any bigger than this, with the exception perhaps of the battle of Alberta. But when you’re talking about the two biggest hockey markets in Canada, the two biggest media centres and the two biggest fan bases, topping this series is almost impossible. And it all starts on Thursday…

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