Josh Anderson: A Sound And Calculated Risk

On day one of the NHL Draft, before the first pick was announced, Canadiens’ General Manager Marc Bergevin was already busy working at improving his team. As he has often done, he sent shockwaves in the hockey world by completing another substantial transaction, this time with the Columbus Blue Jackets. Bergevin sent packing newly appointed centre Max Domi to play for John Tortorella and added a third round pick to finally get his hands on that elusive power forward with size and grit for his top-6 in Josh Anderson.

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NHL Believes in Canada… When It’s Convenient

Actions often speak louder than words. One can say whatever he wants, he is (and should be) judged more by his actions. Further, while a vast majority of marriages are celebrated because two people love each other, there are some which are qualified as “marriages of convenience”. I’ll do it because I get something out of it. Well, the NHL always says supporting Canadian teams but when it came to saving Winnipeg and Quebec City, the Jets and Nordiques had to pack their bags in a hurry to set foot in the United States, in Arizona and Colorado respectively. Yet the NHL went as far as owning the same Arizona Coyotes in order to keep them there. Actions > words.

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