This Social Snowflakes Mentality Must Stop!

Life is beautiful. It truly is. But it seems to be harder and harder to see in this WiFi internet and Social Media world today. You see, you have to dig through countless negativity not only on the five o’clock news like before, but from everyone posting on the internet. Unfortunately, instead of spreading cheers and positive stories, we take from the media and spread negativity over and over again and when we don’t, we complain about the news. You see, on the internet, everyone’s an expert. On Hockey Twitter, everyone’s a coach or a GM and knows everything there is to know. With the Coronavirus pandemic, everyone became a lifelong scientist expert on viruses and now, everyone is a legal expert on civil rights. Next? Who knows but one thing is for sure: there will be tons of experts on whatever it is that comes next.

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Trudeau’s Smoke Screen – A False Sense of Security

First and foremost, allow me to clarify a few things about myself. Most of you know that I’m a gun owner, a hunter. I don’t need an Earth Day as for me, every single day is Earth Day. I respect nature and clean up after myself. I don’t hunt for sport, I hunt for meat. In a hunting season, I usually spend one or two bullets. I don’t shoot for no reason. I’m not a sports shooter but have many friends who are, and they do so by following the rules and regulations put in place by our Governments and the RCMP. I have the RAPP phone number on my cell and have used it in the past. I am not promoting anything illegal here, never have, never will. I am 100% against crime and have family ties to the RCMP and support most of their actions. I am also not a Conservative fanatic, nor am I a Liberal or NDP or Green Party fanatic. When I vote, I vote for the party or leader who makes sense. How I miss Jack Layton… So this is NOT a campaign against Justin Trudeau, although he’s making it just that with his actions.

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