People Need To Learn from The Drouin Situation

Ah social media. What a powerful tool it is. A great way to keep in touch with friends and family who are not within regular visiting distances. A way to share key moments in our lives, pictures, videos of milestones in ours and our kids’ lives. A way to communicate with several friends at onces. In sports and entertainment, it’s also a way for fans to share their passion for their team or favourite artists with other fans. That’s what it’s intended for. Unfortunately, it has also become a very powerful weapon for cyber bullying and a heaven for keyboard warriors to spew their hater towards others in a very mean and cowardly way. A weapon that has caused mental health issues and contributed to suicides. Many users, not using their real name and identification, are feeling invincible and conduct themselves in a way that they would never dare doing in person at the risk of getting the crap kicked out of them. But hey, that’s politically incorrect, right?

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Take A Look In The Mirror: You Might Be Part Of The Problem!

Many fans, particularly in La Belle Province, are known for their constant negativity. It is sad, but particularly true when it comes to putting down the work of Montreal Canadiens Trevor Timmins and General Manager Marc Bergevin for not drafting enough Quebecois. We see a wave of it every year after the NHL Draft. The rest of the season, they will complain that the Habs don’t have enough local talent in the line-up. They won’t try to figure out why that is, it’s just empty verbal diarrhea for the most part. When confronted with facts, they will ignore or block you on social media for daring going against their narrative. And when they do have local talent, they treat them like they do Jonathan Drouin!

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