Ladies and Gentlemen, Accueillons Nos Canadiens!

Can you feel it in the air? It’s electric. It’s palpable. We can almost smell the hockey gear as the NHL is set to start its 2021 season on January 13th. Finally! And to make things even more exciting, the battle for supremacy in Canada will be on the line. Canadian teams will all face each other eight to ten times this upcoming season, creating inimaginable rivalries from coast to coast. Fans from each fan base will be going at it as players will rapidly learn to hate each other. No sponsor will complain about the interest generated in this division as fans will be glued to their TV screens!

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All-Canadian Division: Habs Vs Leafs Rivalry To Be Resurrected?

Quebec vs Ontario. French vs English. Montreal vs Toronto. Canadiens vs Maple Leafs. There’s an old history between the two Canadian cities that cannot be denied. If the Federal Government gives something to Quebec, Ontario wants it too… and vice-versa. In hockey, the two original-six teams are the two winningest teams in history. The Habs with an astonishing 24 Stanley Cups, the Leafs second with 13 of their own. This used to be the biggest rivalry in the NHL. But years of mediocrity from the Toronto franchise has cooled off the emotions between the two biggest fanbases of the league, replaced by the defunct Nordiques, and now the Bruins are the Habs’ biggest rival. Aside from a period in the early 90’s, the Leafs have been rather irrelevant. But times seem to be changing for the franchise whose last playoffs’ series win dates back to 2004.

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