Marc Bergevin: GM of The Year Candidate?

Some hate his guts, find him to be arrogant and won’t be satisfied – temporarily anyway – until he’s fired. Others see in him a quick learner, someone who has already mastered some aspects of the job of General Manager in the NHL. Either way, Marc Bergevin is a guy who had no previous experience as a GM and jumped right into the hotbed that is Montreal, learning on the fly. He has shown to be able to handle the Montreal media and unusually tough market. He is full of confidence in himself and it has often been reported that he’s one of the hardest working GMs in the league. Brian Burke qualified him as one of the best talent evaluators he’s gotten to see in his time around the league.

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Habs Feeling Right At Home Everywhere In Canada

Winning consecutive games in the NHL is not easy. The league’s talent is so diluted and with the salary cap in place, the parity is tighter than ever. Any team can beat any opponent on any given night. When a team goes six games without a loss in regulation, it’s a good feat. If they do it to start the season, without a proper training camp and exhibition games, it’s impressive. When it’s done by a team that finished 24th overall the previous season, it becomes an eye opener. Doing it all on the road, it’s rather astonishing.

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