Coach’s Hat Trick: Two Types of Defense Philosophies

When you’ve been involved in the game of hockey, you get to understand the nuances between systems or styles of play. That goes beyond saying so-and-so isn’t playing well or missed a check. And it certainly goes well beyond any stats you can find out there. Everyone knows the expression “playing the trap” but if you asked them to describe it, very few could actually do it, or fully get it. This is no knock on hockey fans, but it comes with years of playing, watching and studying the game. And that’s why NHL coaches are well ahead of any fan out there, whether they agree with it or not.

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More Than Experience, It’s The Type of Experience

What a comeback! Or what a horrible choking job! If you listen to the announcers and panelists on Sportsnet and CBC, the Leafs’ lost that series. While they aren’t completely off, they fail miserably as pointing the finger to the true reason: the Montreal Canadiens. Ted Nolan once said that sometimes, we tend to look too deep into what we did wrong instead of looking at what the opponent did right. The Habs had a strategy and they executed it. They made adjustments for game five, six and seven and it paid off. The experience paid off.

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