Pierre-Luc Dubois To Montreal? Don’t Hold Your Breath

In the NHL, there are rumours and then, there are rumours involving the Montreal Canadiens. The later takes a life of its own and it’s no coincidence that the Habs are rumoured in just about everything. For one, players’ agents use the Canadiens as a negotiating method, particularly for free agents. Vincent Lecavalier and Daniel Brière both made a lot of money by “showing interest” in signing in Montreal. Then, some NHL teams like to ‘leak’ Montreal as a team interested, particularly when a French Canadian player is involved, to up the ante from other teams. In the meantime, Habs’ fans get excited, only to be let down in almost every case.

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Habs’ Prospects: Media And Fans Need To Breathe

What do the words likelihood, hope expectation, anticipation, odds, probability, possibility, dream, candidate and possibility have in common? They are all synonyms of the word prospect. It is not attached to the words certainty or certitude. Further, the words immediate, prompt, instantaneous, rapid, hasty and expeditious are not related to the word prospect. With that in mind, why is it that some members of the media and the fan base are slotting prospects into the line-up immediately, or in a year from now? Or why do some write them off too soon? Unless someone has a crystal ball, it is premature to pretend knowing where a prospect will be in his development at that time.

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