Lucky 7: Habs Depth And Teams Potentially In Need of A Centre

Ah the good ol’ days. Remember when the Montreal Canadiens had a desperate need of centres? Remember after they traded for Jonathan Drouin, they tried to make of him a centre for one full season, because they were so desperate? The centre position has been a position of trouble in Montreal for many years, even before the Bergevin era. Tomas Plekanec had one 70-points season in his career and prior to him, Saku Koivu might be the last borderline #1 centre of the team. Doug Gilmour was at the end of his career. The Canadiens have not had a top-end centre since the days of Vincent Damphousse, whose last season in Montreal was in… 1998-99!

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Forget Shea Weber: Jeff Petry or P.K. Subban?

It’s funny how time changes things. As we arrive into Fall season, leaves are changing colours, days are shorter, nights are crisper. Every living creature is getting set for the long months of Winter. Hockey fans? Well, they’re hockey fans and they too change. At least, most do. As they watch the COVID Cups Finals between the Dallas Stars and the Tampa Bay Lightning, most fans of the Montreal Canadiens are excited to see what team GM Marc Bergevin will do next. Although it hasn’t always been the case…

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