Danault Received A Contract Offer Before Gallagher

Every so often, I like to take some news from French media outlets which haven’t been published in English, for the reading pleasures of my English speaking subscribers. The following information is taken from the very reputable Mathias Brunet, from La Presse, who has some key information in the negotiations between Phillip Danault and the Montreal Canadiens. And it’s quite revealing, you will see.

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The Art Of Finding The Right Comparative To Gauge Danault’s Value

Contract negotiations are not as straight forward as one might think. There is a strategy to it. You ask for more than you want, the other side offers less than what they’re willing to pay. Then, it’s a game of cat and mouse. In pro sports, it will often depend on comparable players in similar situations. Although some comparables are likely overpaid, which management will be quick to point out, others are on team-friendly contracts, with the player’s agent will also bring forward. All in all, the player will often accept a little bit less than what he wanted and the team will often pay a bit more than what they wanted. But when both sides want a deal to be reached, it usually will be.

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