Claude Julien’s weakness: making adjustments

Coaching any sport is not easy. You’re trying to get the best out of athletes who are different from you. Coaching hockey is even harder as you have a mix of skills and personalities from players often making more money than you. You need to not only find systems, but find ways for the players you’re coaching to buy into it. Then you have to try to keep 20-22 millionaires happy while finding the buttons to push to keep them motivated and performing at the top of their capabilities. Then, when you manage to do all of that, you have opponents using videos and tactics to break down and impede what you’ve set up with your own team. Great coaches find ways to make adjustments to what their opponents are doing to neutralise your team. Some have it in them more than others.

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Canadiens’ Youth Front and… Center

Predicting the futur has been a topic in human kind for ages. Some will argue that it’s a possibility while most will agree that it’s impossible. Movies such as Back to The Future was a huge hit with their time machine. When it comes to pro sports, particularly in this case, the NHL, predicting the futur is what scouts and teams are trying to do. When drafting an 18 year-old, they’re not only comparing them to their peers at around the same age. They trying to predict where and when they will reach the ceiling of their development. And that’s no easy task. The Canadiens might have just found a way for their centers.

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