Laughable 1st Round Predictions For A Laughable League

Since the NHL seems to insist on being a clown league and making a mockery of their own game by insisting on pursuing this season instead of cancelling it, we will have to go with it. Instead of starting fresh in October, somehow to them, wrecking two seasons instead of one is more appealing, instead of doing the logical and responsible thing of cancelling the rest of this one but hey, what do we know? We’ve only been following this league for our entire life and we’re “just fans”, right? But we don’t have dollars to gain, or dollars to lose so we think with our heads instead of through our deep wallets. Yeah we get it, hockey is a business… but not all businesses are making the right decisions, as it’s the case here.

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When the Habs Just Can't Win

It’s been a while. It’s been a long time actually. As a matter of fact, this will be the 27th anniversary of the Canadiens’ last Stanley Cup. The fact that they are the last Canadian team to win the Holy Grail does very little to the fan who wasn’t born or was too young to remember when current Habs’ assistant-coach Kirk Muller lifted the Cup over his head as a player, wearing Brendan Gallagher‘s number 11. Some of us were spoiled, having lived through several Habs’ Stanley Cup wins over the years. I was alive for 10 of them myself and while I mostly recall the ones from the 70’s onward, I still cherish the memories. But many can’t do that.

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