Danault Received A Contract Offer Before Gallagher

Every so often, I like to take some news from French media outlets which haven’t been published in English, for the reading pleasures of my English speaking subscribers. The following information is taken from the very reputable Mathias Brunet, from La Presse, who has some key information in the negotiations between Phillip Danault and the Montreal Canadiens. And it’s quite revealing, you will see.

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Inconsistent Officiating Becoming An Issue In The NHL

In most sports, players rely on officiating for many reasons. Ensuring that the rules are followed is only one of them. In most sports, the officials’ decisions have a direct impact on the outcome of the games or the sport itself. A key part of their roles, regardless of the sport which they are officiating, is keeping fairness so that the results aren’t tainted. We all know the huge debates occurring in boxing or figure skating, where “referees” are called judges as they have to use their judgement to decide of winners… and that’s where things can get messy.

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