Habs Head Coaching Top Candidates

Wanted: NHL head coach. Team: Montreal Canadiens. Duties include: Dealing with some veterans at the tail end of their career, some newer mid-range veterans and many young but talented prospects coming up. Coping and toying with shark-like attitude media base on a daily basis. Qualifications: Being able to handle the often unreasonable media and fan base who think they know more than the coach on any and every aspects of the game, in spite of not having a resume to back up their claims. Must speak French. Salary: to be negotiated, based on experience. Faint of heart need not to apply.

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A Patrick Roy Hiring Would Be The Last Drop

Some of the best lyrics, or most truthful anyway, were written by Steven Tyler, lead signer of Aerosmith. In the hit song Amazing, Tyler wrote: “Life is a journey, not a destination”. As people age, most come to that realization. The sooner one does, the better their life will be. You have to enjoy every minute and not waste your life waiting for things to happen or arrive. ‘When I graduate’… ‘When I find a career job’… ‘When I have kids’… ‘When the kids move out’… ‘When I retire’… In hockey terms, ‘When the Habs win the Stanley Cup’… and these days, ‘When Marc Bergevin gets fired’… The next thing you know, you will have spent your life saying ‘when’ instead of living the moment present… until ‘When you die’…

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