Shooting Da Breeze – November 2020 Edition – Part 2

This is a rarity. Too much material to talk about during the off-season? I guess it’s been a while since we’ve touched on several of the topics surrounding the Montreal Canadiens. So in the second part of this edition, we will touch on topics such as Pierre-Luc Dubois’ take on Josh Anderson, what he brings to the team, particularly to Jonathan Drouin, the left wing with Tomas Tatar and Paul Byron, Marc Bergevin’s next steps, the NHL forcing teams to get a third jerseys, amongst other things. Please feel free to share and as usual, comments are always welcome.

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The Canadiens Have Given Their Fans Many Reasons To Be Optimistic

Fans are impatient. WHAT? No they’re not! Now hurry up with your preface and get to the point! We want our cake and eat it too. We want to trade for the best players but we don’t want to give up our own good players to obtain what we want. Every single UFA should want to sign with our team. Taxes, weather, language, media, fans… those are just excuses. Rebuild? Retool? Reset? That should all be done overnight. The player development sucks but we want our prospects with the big club now! If that’s not impatience… what is it then? Bipolarity?

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