NHL Believes in Canada… When It’s Convenient

Actions often speak louder than words. One can say whatever he wants, he is (and should be) judged more by his actions. Further, while a vast majority of marriages are celebrated because two people love each other, there are some which are qualified as “marriages of convenience”. I’ll do it because I get something out of it. Well, the NHL always says supporting Canadian teams but when it came to saving Winnipeg and Quebec City, the Jets and Nordiques had to pack their bags in a hurry to set foot in the United States, in Arizona and Colorado respectively. Yet the NHL went as far as owning the same Arizona Coyotes in order to keep them there. Actions > words.

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By Not Saying Much, Geoff Molson Said a Lot

Ah Montreal, never change. Fans will be fans, reporters, journalists and sensationalists will continue in their own paths, and not even a pandemic like COVID-19 will change that. You see, to some, nothing is bigger than the Montreal Canadiens. Some even go as far as saying that it’s a religion and call the team the ‘Sainte-Flanelle’. Doesn’t it seem sometimes that some comments directed towards Canadiens’ General Manager Marc Bergevin or other hockey public figures are way over the top, as if they had done something to them personally, maliciously? Doesn’t it seem sometimes like people have nothing better to think about or do than be ticked off at anything and everything about the Habs or hockey in general? Oh I get it, it’s a passion. Let’s face it though: we’re all passionate about it.

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