Lots Of Changes In The Atlantic Division – Which Team Is The Most Improved?

Unusual season, unusual playoffs (or play-ins), the COVID Cup, and definitely a very unusual off-season. Teams across the NHL have to deal with a new reality, one that has seen NHL revenues crash to almost nothing. The effect on everyone is enormous. Teams and league laying off staff. A salary cap originally predicted to be around the $88 million mark had General Managers planning their signatures. With it staying at $81.5 million for the foreseeable future, players in search of contracts are squeezed into lesser deals. Some, too greedy to start with, find themselves without a job. GMs try to unload salary to be cap compliant, instead of adding to it as they were planning. And they have to do all of that while thinking of the upcoming Expansion Draft next summer.

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I’m Just a Fan, They Don’t Care

You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do. People lie, actions don’t. It is said ‘Actions speak louder than words’. Of course, what use is a speech in the world of deaf? They also say ‘Pen is mightier than sword’. I wonder how it is possible in a world that is blind. And then I remember ‘silence speaks volumes’. No wonder, the world often turns mute.

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