Weber: Making The Best Of A Difficult Situation

COVID has made the situation around the NHL very difficult. An already tight schedule of 56 games starting last January was made even tighter when some teams had to postpone several games and shut down their entire operations for days or weeks at a time. The Vancouver Canucks have had to shut down for three weeks due to a Variance (Brazilian) making its way through the team and staff, as well as their family. Those teams’ schedule has now become a nightmare for players who simply don’t get the necessary rest in between games to recuperate as needed at the highest level of hockey in the world.

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Where Do Gustafsson and Merrill Fit In?

Trade Deadline is like Christmas for hockey fans and this year was not different. Multitudes of deals, with most of the players involved being pending UFAs going to Stanley Cup contenders, and a few pretenders. But fans were once again glued to their TV sets, computers or cell phone to follow what NHL Insiders had to say. No fan base hoped more for their General Manager to make moves than Habs’ fans. With their favourite team slumping, many were getting very grumpy, and borderline abrasive, particularly on social media. And it seems like only about half of them have changed optics after the 3:00 pm trade deadline hit.

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