More Questionable Decisions By The NHL, Looking Like a Second Degree League

Let me not be judged by my reputation and hearsay, but rather by my actions as words and rumours are easy, but actions speak louder than them. As far as I know, this is no one’s exact quote but rather something that I’ve been preaching for many years. It applies in our day to day life, but even the NHL is giving us a pretty good reminder of it from time to time. With this COVID Cup, or the way the league is making key decisions surrounding it, is yet another reminder of it.

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Slap Shot – The Hanson Brothers

In part-one of this two-parts article, we looked at the impact of French Canadian goaltender Denis Lemieux on the classic movie Slap Shot. While Denis had a huge impact on the movie, none had a bigger impact than the Hanson brothers. Seeing the team sink into mediocrity, player-coach Reggie Dunlop (played by Paul Newman) asked the General Manager to get him some players. The cheap GM, likely following orders from the owner, got him some players alright. Three brothers who fit right in to the 1970’s style of hockey displayed by the Big Bad Boston Bruins and the Broadstreet Bullies Philadelphia Flyers.

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