Coaching Change: The Time Has Come

If there’s one certainty in professional sports, it’s that coaches will get fired and replaced at some point in time. There’s usually no predetermined timeframe to do so either. When they get hired, coaches know that one day, they will get canned and that, whether it’s their own fault or not. This doesn’t mean that the coach being replaced is a bad coach as many Jack Adams Award winners have been fired at one point or another in their career. It simply means that either the message gets stale, or that the team has taken a different direction.

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Trading Tomas Tatar? No Way! Unless…

Yes, the Canadiens are once again out of the playoffs. Yes, it’s the third year in a row. Yes, it will be the fourth season in the last five years that they are not part of the “real season”, the Stanley Cup playoffs. Yes, it is frustrating for everyone. Medias and broadcasters will be grumbling because they won’t be making their money, as the interest from this huge fan base won’t be there. Fans are already on edge because they’re frustrated. Rest assured that in spite of what some want you to believe, EVERYONE in the Canadiens’ organisation is also frustrated, from the owners to the players and anyone in between.

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