Let The COVID-19/20 Cup Begin!

Empty rink with seat covers in the stands, banners of the NHL all over the place, fake fan noises, zero atmosphere and electricity, players and coaches will give everything they have to be crowned winner of the… COVID 19/20 Cup! NHL executives, broadcasters and sponsors are hoping fans will be glued to their TV as they normally would as let’s face it: the only reason why they’re doing this is for… money!

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The Habs’ Bubble Roster in Toronto’s Bubble

There you have it folks, the 24 teams have made it to two “bubbles”, as the Eastern Conference teams made the trip to Toronto and the Western Conference teams are enjoying Edmonton… in the summer! Rosters are in, every team has provided the NHL with their respective list of 31 players who will be kept inside the bubble due to COVID-19. Hotels, restaurants, dressing rooms and arenas are disinfected and supposedly kept to high standards to avoid any player, coach or staff to get contaminated by the Coronavirus.

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