“Marc Bergevin Hit A Homerun With Jake Allen” ~ Stephane Waite

Montreal Canadiens’ goaltending coach Stephane Waite was made available by the team via Zoom on a press conference to answer questions about the teams’ goaltending situation. As we know, team General Manager Marc Bergevin acquired Jake Allen and a 2022 7th round pick from the St. Louis Blues in exchange for a 3rd and 7th round pick in 2020 back on September 2nd. He spoke about the trade, what it means to Carey Price and touched on the goaltending depth in the organisation.

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Rumour: Keep An Eye on The Avalanche

Ah the world of rumours in hockey. What would we do without them? Fans love to bring their hopes up and imagine different scenarios. Too often, people imagine shipping players they don’t like on their favourite team, their “garbage”, to get better players. In reality, it’s never the way it works but that doesn’t stop people from playing armchair GMs. They bring their own hopes up and when things don’t happen, many get frustrated with their team, their GM. It’s that hope that feeds them. And they will believe just about anyone claiming to have sources.

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