Pierre-Luc Dubois To Montreal? Don’t Hold Your Breath

In the NHL, there are rumours and then, there are rumours involving the Montreal Canadiens. The later takes a life of its own and it’s no coincidence that the Habs are rumoured in just about everything. For one, players’ agents use the Canadiens as a negotiating method, particularly for free agents. Vincent Lecavalier and Daniel Brière both made a lot of money by “showing interest” in signing in Montreal. Then, some NHL teams like to ‘leak’ Montreal as a team interested, particularly when a French Canadian player is involved, to up the ante from other teams. In the meantime, Habs’ fans get excited, only to be let down in almost every case.

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Marc Bergevin Working the Phones – Five Trade Scenarios

Stanley Cup Semi-finals and we’re talking about the Habs. Rumours swirling, Canadiens’ GM Marc Bergevin is working behind the scene, working at improving his team for next season, which will be coming soon enough. Having already acquired a backup goalie, Bergevin is apparently working the phones to find a partner or two to dance with towards a trade. After all, it does take two to tango. Will he be successful? Who will it be? And when? What will be the price to pay? There are way more questions than there are answers.

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