Demystifying: Ducharme Is No Better Than Julien?

Habs’ fans and media are in a frenzy. Or rather, perhaps the word panic would be more appropriate. The team can’t find consistency and now, everyone should be fired and/or traded. At the very least, everyone should be sat. Top players are not NHL worthy. Coaches can’t coach. The GM, who was praised by his great work just weeks ago, should now be fired on the spot. Even the owner should fire himself! Yes folks, that’s how ridiculous it is to read couch analysts self-proclaimed as the most knowledgeable fans in the NHL. Hint: they’re not.

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Kotkaniemi: He Who Laughs Last, Laughs Best

We’ve talked about it many times,. Fans being fans, they are quick at judging the development of a young prospect and often want them in too big of roles too soon. Fortunately, they’re not the ones at the helm of NHL teams as many of the best talent is being developed over time. The Edmonton Oilers have made a living of putting great young players in too big of roles too early in their career, burning them off and wrecking their development. With the exception of a few exceptional talents, it usually takes on average three to five years to determine the quality and depth of a Draft. And in spite of some fans claiming otherwise, the 2018 Draft is no exception.

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