Shooting Da Breeze – April 2021 Edition

Shooting Da Breeze is a collection of random thoughts on a variety of topics, more often than not about the Montreal Canadiens and the NHL, but not always. In this edition, we will touch on topics such as the fans’ relentless criticism of the team’s key veterans, the arrival of Staal in the line-up, the needs of the team at trade deadline, the impact of the coaching changes on the team and on individual players, and more… Please feel free to share and as usual, comments are always welcome.

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Unusual Season Means Unusual Handling of Veterans

When the NHL announced that it was going ahead with a condensed 56-game season, players, coaches and general managers knew that it would be tough. GMs are dealing with a flap cap, possibly for a few years, and have players to sign. Coaches and players didn’t have a proper training camp with exhibitions to implement systems and get in game shape. A division realignment made for close geographical rivalries while facing the same teams eight to ten times each guarantees some bad blood. As every game is a four-point game, it carries the intensity up over a long period. Then put all of that into a shorten season, playing almost every second day and you can see how fatigue, physical and mental, has and will set in.

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