Trying To Pick a Favourite Carey Price Mask Proves To Be Challenging

For most goaltenders, their mask is so much more than just protection. Oh don’t get me wrong, when you have pucks flying at 90-100 miles per hours straight at you, a mask is a necessity. Ask the great Jacques Plante, the first goaltender to go against his coach’s order and wear a mask after coming back into the game all stitched up! Since then, one wouldn’t think of putting on the big pads without ensuring to come out with top notch face and head protection. With it, came the personalization of that piece of equipment. It has become part of a goaltender’s identity, we can say.

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“Carey Price In My Top-3 Best Teammates”

Players talk. Former players talk. They have a ton of experience about professional hockey and know what goes on both on the ice, and in the dressing room. They all have their opinion on GM’s, coaches and former teammates. Some stories they can share, other stories, most prefer to stay away from. In a recent appearance on Mario Langlois‘ show on 98.5 FM, former Canadiens’ forwards Guillaume Latendresse and Maxim Lapierre opened up on a few topics. One of them? Canadiens netminder Carey Price.

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