2003 to 2017 NHL Drafts Top-10 redone

This Coronavirus is causing quite the commotion everywhere in the world, including in Canada and the United States. You can’t turn a TV Channel, listen to the radio or browse the internet without hearing about it… and that’s a good thing. Just recently, the NHL announced the postponement of the NHL Draft which was supposed to be held in Montreal this year. With local product Alexis Lafrenière ranked number one, it would have been a great venue for his to be named to a NHL team. The date and format are still up in the air at the time of writing this, as is the rest of the season and the playoffs.

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Habs’ assessment and suggestions from Brian Burke

It is a sad time right now. People are going crazy being in isolation, trying to avoid spreading the Coronavirus. Everywhere on the news, on a daily basis, we are inundated with sad, even morbid information about this deadly and widely spread disease and we just can’t get away from it. For some odd reason, the NHL is the only winter league to have yet to cancel its season. Is it legitimate or wishful thinking on their part? Well considering that they expect COVID-19 to peak in around mid-May, allow me to question the motive behind it. You see, players will need a full out training camp after this and the meaning of “peak” means that it will still be strong thereafter. And even if they played the playoffs in July, this would affect the players for next season too. Gary Bettman needs to bite the bullet and do the right thing by calling it a season, as the NHL did back in 1919 during the Spanish Influenza.

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