Habs’ Turn To Provide Weber With Some Help

Unless you find the fountain of youth, all of us will get to a point in our lives where we will have to slow down. Some of us have reached that level in our personal life, hockey players reach it much sooner. And when you have made a career of playing tough minutes against top opposition at an elite level, a simple step back is much more noticeable. The mind is still going strong, but the old legs can’t keep up. What used to take a few hours to recuperate from now takes days and the aches and pains are more regular than a Swiss watch… even for a Man Mountain.

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Bergevin Keeping His Cards Close To His Chest For Trade Deadline

The Montreal Canadiens have played their 28th game in Winnipeg, a 4-2 win over the Jets. This game was not only Carey Price‘s 700th career regular season’s game, but it represented the Habs’ halfway point in this compressed season of 56 games. With his team in fourth place in the North Division trailing the same Jets by only three points, Marc Bergevin had his mid-season press conference today and answered questions from the media. Montreal has a record of 13-8-7 for 33 points so far.

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