Habs’ Boxing Day Sale!

Christmas 2020 has come and gone – thankfully – and now is Boxing Day, with its multitude of deals. People are lining up, in spite of the pandemic, in close proximity, to take advantage of the biggest sales of the year. Forget the money spent on Christmas presents, people feel like they need more. And it’s a competition to get there before stocks run out. One would think that in 2020, with everything that we’ve been through in the world, common sense would prevail but those of us who have lived for a long time, know better. Common sense is no longer common.

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The Canadiens’ Wild Cards Against the Penguins

Normally, teams and players would have had a full season to get in shape and ready for the gruelling NHL Playoffs. Some players would be banged up, some teams would be more tired than others and all things would not be equal. You would have home teams, visitors in far from welcoming rinks, you’d have noise and more noise. The atmosphere would be electric and players would be chomping at the bit to get going. Mostly, fans would be pumped to rally behind their team, to fill the rink, to drink the Kool-Aid and celebrate in the streets before and after games. But today’s reality and return to play procedures are not normal circumstances, and who knows what will or could happen.

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