Canadiens’ Youth Front and… Center

Predicting the futur has been a topic in human kind for ages. Some will argue that it’s a possibility while most will agree that it’s impossible. Movies such as Back to The Future was a huge hit with their time machine. When it comes to pro sports, particularly in this case, the NHL, predicting the futur is what scouts and teams are trying to do. When drafting an 18 year-old, they’re not only comparing them to their peers at around the same age. They trying to predict where and when they will reach the ceiling of their development. And that’s no easy task. The Canadiens might have just found a way for their centers.

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Habs Feeling Right At Home Everywhere In Canada

Winning consecutive games in the NHL is not easy. The league’s talent is so diluted and with the salary cap in place, the parity is tighter than ever. Any team can beat any opponent on any given night. When a team goes six games without a loss in regulation, it’s a good feat. If they do it to start the season, without a proper training camp and exhibition games, it’s impressive. When it’s done by a team that finished 24th overall the previous season, it becomes an eye opener. Doing it all on the road, it’s rather astonishing.

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