Official NHL Twitter Hashtags Emojis

Every year, NHL teams come out with their version of their official hashtag, to which they attach their logo. And every year, it’s a challenge to figure out if any team has changed it. Unfortunately for hockey fans, some change it regularly, some even in-season. This is extremely annoying to those who like using the official hashtag and seeing the little logos in their Tweets.

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And Then, They Were Seven. The True North Strong and Free!

It’s going to be crazy. It’s going to be wild. It even has the potential of being insane. The 2021 season is getting underway and Canada is watching. To make things even more interesting, there will be an all-Canadian division for the first time in the NHL’s long history. Fans from seven teams, with perhaps the exception of the Ottawa Senators, feel like their team has what it takes to make the playoffs. So imagine the passion that will be displayed from coast to coast! With a minimum of eight games against every team, rivalries will be created or renewed. Passionate fans will be bickering more than ever.

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