Little Things Exposing Fake Hockey Fans

Have you noticed that since the arrival of Social Media, everyone is an expert on everything? What kind of question is that? Of course you have. I mean, you have seen that many instantly became experts on pandemics and knew everything about COVID-19 and that, in spite of scientists and doctors admitting themselves that they knew very little about it. Then, they knew everything on mass shootings and guns, supporting Justin Trudeau in his ban although true experts warned loud and clear that it’s a smoke screen and that abiding gun owners in Canada are the most responsible of all. Now, everyone on Social Media is an expert on Policing. They know not only what their job entails and the dangers they go though, but they also know how to react in stressful, volatile and dangerous situations and that, without a single day of training. They’re so good… Experts, experts everywhere! NOT!

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Estimated 75% of NHL Players Don’t Want to Play

It seems like many people in and out of the NHL are counting their chicken before they hatch when it comes to taking for granted that there will be a season starting in July. Not so fast folks. Throughout all of this nonsense, there appears to be a few voices of reason who are starting to voice their opinion and question the way the NHL is going about it and that’s a good thing. You see, we’re not talking about the flu here, but COVID-19, a deadly pandemic which has no vaccine yet. While the odds of death amongst healthy athletes are somewhat minimal, fact is that nobody knows the long term effects this virus has on anyone who contracts it.

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