Taxes Explained In Terms of Beer

Taxes are not always easy to understand. In fact, companies battle the market to have software which will allow the common mortal to do their own Income Taxes on their computer so people don’t have to try to figure it out. They can get so complicated that accountants are working long hours between March and June in Canada, to help Canadians be compliant with the Government. Sometimes, you have to talk to the level of the people you’re dealing with in order to make them have at least a basic understanding of what they’re dealing with.

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Underdog: A Role The Habs Cherish

For some, the pressure to win is too much. For others, they cherish the role of the underdog, where few give them a chance to win. That’s a role where the Montreal Canadiens have been since the 2021 NHL Playoffs have started. No one gave them a chance against the high-flying Toronto offense. Few believe they could beat a well rested Winnipeg Jets’ team. And they were supposed to be annihilated by the powerful Vegas Golden Knights. Yet, here they are, in the Stanley Cup Finals against the defending Champions Tampa Bay Lightning.

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